Ana M. Negrón is a graduate from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine and the Family Medicine Residency Program at Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia.  She practices in the greater Philadelphia area.

     Over the past thirty years her extensive experience includes serving minority communities and teaching medical students and residents.  She currently volunteers her medical services at a free clinic for the uninsured.

     In early 2003 she founded Greens on a Budget - a hands on program for patients, professionals, and people in the community where she transforms an abundance of whole foods into delicious, simple, and nourishing medicine.

     Her passion for life is reflected in her lifetime work protecting health.  She uses nourishing food to connect us with our body and its needs.

    PRACTICE WELLNESS - BEYOND A WISH offers medical based and personally tailored nutrition consultations.


Greens on a Budget is a project that consists of various layers.


Recognizing and using more whole foods expands the bounty from where we derive vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and fiber.


In these lists you will find the amount of calcium, protein, and fat in many foods.  By avoiding the blind pursuit of one nutrient or another you can select more nourishing healthful foods.  You will also find a helpful comparison price list for nourishing foods from area markets.


A number of simple recipes will help you experience the sensation of combining nourishing foods.  Condiments allow you to play with taste while they contribute their nutritional properties.  In these recipes I emphasize that the optimal nutrition is based on an abundance of whole plant foods in a great variety of colors every day.


I am also writing some essays that I want to share with you.  Some are personal pieces while others combine awareness and activism.  As you pause between the lines you might connect the state of our health with the health of our planet.


Reverdece tu Presupuesto es un proyecto a varios niveles.


Mientras mas alimentos integrales uses mas vitaminas, minerales, fibra, fitoquímicos, y antioxidantes le das al cuerpo. 


Con estas listas, donde encontrarás el contenido de proteína, calcio, y grasa de muchos alimentos, podrás escoger saludablemente de acuerdo a las propiedades generales del alimento.


Si preparas estas recetas empezarás a gozar de mejor salud.   Recuerda que la mejor nutrición se basa en el consumo diario de gran cantidad de plantas de muchos colores todos los días.


Entre estos encontrarás conversaciones íntimas al igual que otros pensamientos de actualidad.  Y verás nuestra salud reflejada en la salud de nuestro planeta.