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We do not need to worry about having enough fat in our diet, in fact just the opposite. We get too much fat from fried and oily foods, cheese, animal meats, candy bars, ice cream, and pastries. 

No matter the source, oil is a highly processed ingredient, one hundred percent fat, with none of the  redeeming qualities of its plant of origin.

With a diet centered on a variety of grains like rice, oats, and quinoa, leafy greens, vegetables, beans, fruits, and a small amount of fat rich avocados, peanuts, nuts, and other seeds, we meet all our fat needs.


Las grasas se encuentran en las comidas fritas, la carne de animales, quesos, dulces confeccionados, barras de chocolate, y repostería.  Estos antojos no son nutritivos.  El aceite, ya sea de oliva o de canola, no importa su origen es 100% grasa.   Las nueces, el aguacate, y el coco también contienen mucha, así que gózalos en pequeñas cantidades.