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Only plants make carbohydrate, which is the component of the food that we burn for energy. 

Plants are a healthy combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat, plus fiber and many other phytochemicals important to our organism. 

Processed factory foods, even those made from plants, have lost many nutrients; animal foods are fat and protein.

To lose weight one must consume less calories, so diets restrict calories. Many do so by limiting variety and this is dangerous. 

Being on and off diets sets a roller coaster, weight loss and weight gain, which hurts our organism. 

Commercial diets are financial enterprises often based on expensive products or special foods and supplements. Some diets reward with the same foods they restrict. Results of commercial diets tend to be short lived, since they rarely promote a healthy relation with food.

Rather than chasing an illusion we could spend the same time, energy, and money learning basic food literacy and skills for cooking. 

Turn your attention to the nutrition stored in plants and give the body a chance to use up stored fat.  

Learn how food choices shape our economy. Feel the connection with people all over the planet. Tune in to the real hunger. Love and care for yourself. There is no gentler way to attain and maintain a healthy weight.