cooking healthy vegetable dishes

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leek and lettuce on a chopping board

RECIPES You will notice that the following recipes look more like guidelines, they are plant based, have almost no added oils, consist of a great variety of whole foods in a rainbow of colors, and are rich in vitamins, phytochemicals, antioxidants, protective nutrients, and fiber.  Experiment with them.  Focus on better nourishing yourself and your family.


*                            STOVE TOP APPLES

                                  Core several gala apples. Arrange them in a pan deep enough to cover with a lid.

                                  Place cinnamon sticks in the center, stick 8 cloves in the circumference of each apple.

                                  Add half cup of water, cover and simmer for approximately 30 minutes until they are as

                                  soft as you want them. They smell and taste like apple cider.

*                                          SUSHI VEGANO

                                                short brown rice well cookedo

                                                sweet rice vinegar

                                                NORI sheets - toasted algae

                                                sliced avocado

                                                matchstick size cucumber pieces

                                                grated carrots


                                            spicy radish paste (wasabi)

                                                 soy sauce for dressing


                                          TEMPEH FRIES:

                                          Cut a block of tempeh in half inch strips and marinate

                                          in balsamic vinegar and nutrional yeast for a few minutes.

                                          Place in a medium hot skillet until crisp. Season with hot sauce,

                                          or salsa.

                                           POLENTA WITH GRATED CARROTS AND PEAS

                                                Cook coarse grits and fresh corn in a shallow pan with water or vegetable broth.

                                                Add olives, capers, grated carrot, salt, and pepper. When almost done sprinkle

                                                shelled peas on top. Once the pie is cooked, let it cool until firm enough to be

                                                sliced in easy to pick up wedges or any other shape.



                                         OATS WITH QUINOA AND FRUIT:

                                          Cook together steel cut oats and quinoa in water with a drizzle of almond milk and  

                                              ground cinnamon. After turning off the heat, add sweet berries or diced fruit.

                                               YONANAS  ©- FROZEN FRUIT TREAT - freeze small cubes of your favorite fresh

                                               fruits (strawberries, banana, mango, ripe jackfruit, pineapple) and shave into a

                                               creamy treat using this very easy and inexpensive electric contraption.     

GREEN SORBET Start with a couple of frozen cups of your favorite fruits plus a handful of leafy greens. Blend to the consistency of a frappé. Eat some. Freeze the rest in small paper cups.


Use Medjool dates, remove the pit and stuff the center with pomegranate seeds, an almond, or anything else!

stove top apples
oats with quinoa and fruit
Polenta With Grated Carrots and Peas