cooking healthy vegetable dishes
leek and lettuce on a chopping board


When we have healthcare we don't seem too troubled that others don't, but lose it and we turn outraged even militant. We say we want a health care system that includes everyone, but the definition of “everyone" keeps changing.

Afraid of not having a seat at the table, we have created a system of musical chairs, only the stakes are much higher. We rationalize stepping on others because someone else might step on me. 

Fear of there not being enough to go around, allows us to support a system which denies care to the most vulnerable: those without a job, those who cannot provide proof of income, those that have not worked long enough, or the tens of thousands of invisibles who sustain the fabric of society without ever receiving pay or compensation. Denying privilege to a vulnerable group will not keep me from eventually feeling vulnerable myself...

Perhaps it is difficult to imagine a system different from the one we know so well, this system which cares about some and not about others, but until we do our own healing will be postponed.

Within our depths we yearn for a system which finds a way. This system would thrive on an attitude of love. It provides everyone with a safety net. It reduces unnecessary pain and stress. It cares for all. Instead of marginalizing life, it supports life. This system effortlessly and as a matter of fact brings out enough chairs for everyone to take a seat.

"Everything you can imagine is real"  Pablo Picasso