SCHEDULE A MEDICAL NUTRITION CONSULTATION                                        Ana M Negrón MD

Good nourishment plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of any medical condition.

My goal is to protect your health, reduce the inflammation at the root of your condition, and lower your risks for chronic illness.

The first thing we do during your consultation is look at your nourishment status, lab results, medications, and any symptoms you may have. We address your doctor’s recommendations and define your goals which may include: reduce joint pains, improve asthma, have better sleep and energy, regulate digestion, control blood pressure, reduce lipids, lower blood sugar, reduce the need for medications, support you through cancer, and shed some weight to name a few. 


We keep the session simple and practical. As we decide on menus, shopping lists, and figure out costs, we also calculate the time it takes to practice this at home, and how to make it part of your routine.  You learn facts like the amount of calcium in bok choy, the role of soluble fiber in oats, the rich protein in quinoa, the protective sulforaphane in cauliflower, essential oils in almonds, etc.  You discover new foods, taste simple delicious, nourishing recipes, and wake up your taste buds.  You begin to better understand hunger. 


Poor dietary patterns promote type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and obesity; they affect allergies, asthma, arthritis, fertility; influence bone health, and gum healing; cause acid reflux, irritable bowel, constipation; are associated with depression, anxiety, fatigue, inattention, and much more.  The brain does not function well on a diet of soda, pizza, nuggets, and tacos.  Your immune system needs more than orange juice, fast food salads, and power bars.


Discover the difference between an edible item and nourishing food. Our collective eating experience has shrunk in favor of take-out, deli, bagged chips, soda, pizza, diet plans, and bottled water.  What to do with grains, leafy greens, and other colorful vegetables is an endangered life skill.  And yet the optimal diet is based on an abundance of whole plant foods in a great variety of colors every day, using processed foods and those derived from animals only as condiment.


It is no secret that nourishing food is powerful medicine. Practice filling your shopping cart with kale, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, leek, mango, eggplant, plump dates, oats, rice, beans, nuts, and canned tomatoes.  Experience the stain of juicy red berries, the smooth skin of a pepper, the smell of cinnamon, a slice of cantaloupe; feel the ripples of an acorn squash; drizzle an avocado with lemon juice, crush a clove of garlic, dress a cauliflower in cumin and cilantro.  Intimate experiences with food can change attitudes, and remove obstacles. Within the first month you feel lighter and more grounded.

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